Life Events

“There’s a Mouse in this House!” by Daddy

“There’s a mouse in this house,” said Mummy.

“A mouse in this house?” asked Daddy.

“Yes,” said Mummy, “a mouse in this house.”

“Are you sure it wasn’t a spider on a hang glider?” asked Daddy. “Or maybe a wind up toy left out by a boy?”

“No,” said Mummy, “there’s a mouse in this house. Look! There it is under that book!”

So Mummy got a trap, and it came in bubble wrap.

Daddy put some nuts in the door and we left it for a day, and then two more.

And one day when Daddy was making a snack, inside the trap was a mouse having a nap.

And Daddy went for a drive in his car. He went very very far.

He found a new house for the mouse. One with long grass and no cars and lots of hot bubble baths.

And the mouse lived happily in his nice new house.

I think it’s Phil who should have a blog šŸ˜‚

#day5of30 #30daypostchallenge

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