What’s in a Name?

Why “mousy”?

My Gran loves to tell anyone who will listen – repeatedly – about how her beautiful grandaughter with gorgeous blond curls used to run up and down her (low) windowsill calling herself “Mousy Gordon”.

Well that was me.

The curls are gone and my surname has changed but I think “mousy” adequately describes my personality.

Small. Timid. Hides when it’s busy. Comes out when everyone is gone. Not a fan of being out in the open. Scurries when confronted.

Loves cheese.

(Though apparently that’s a myth according to my “how to get rid of mice” googling last week).

(And yes, I literally only just realised the irony of the mousy mummy finding a mouse in her house…)

But anyway. That’s how it started. If anyone was wondering…

Logo2 png


#day6of30 #30daychallenge


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