3 Under 3 At A Wedding

Last weekend we successfully took 3 under 3 to my sister-in-law’s wedding.


How We Got Out the Door on Time

First of all, we packed as much as we could the night before, ie everything we didn’t need to use in the morning eg toiletries and baby bottles.

The morning was surprisingly un-stressful.

8-9:30am – nappies, breakfast, clean teeth.

9:30-11am – tag-team containing the kids in the playroom while we shower, clean the kitchen, load the dishwasher, pack the last bits and take them out to the car.

11am-11:30am – Early lunch

11:30-12 – Tesco fly-by for diesel, suncream, tights (since my sister insisted yellow tights don’t go with my dress. But couldn’t find any so sorry sis but I wore the yellow tights), and a wedding card (a bit last minute, whoops).

12-1:20pm – drive to hotel

Getting Ready

1:20-2:35pm – feed twins milk and Caide snack, put up travel cots, pack the nappy bag for the day, get everyone dressed into their wedding clothes (we just threw the kids into the car in their PJs) and leave again.

Get halfway down the stairs to realise Phil doesn’t have the car key. Wait on the landing for him to run back up and get it.

Strap everyone into the car and get going.

5 minutes later I realise that Caide was not still holding the lunch bag we had allowed him to carry to the car when I strapped him in.

Me “did you take the lunch bag from Caide?”

Phil “no”

Fuck. We go back for it. Phil finds it on the landing where we waited for him to go back for the car key.

2:35pm – finally on our way.

2:50pm – arrived in a panicked mess. BUT WE MADE IT!

The Ceremony

Caide was the Page Boy and I totally missed it while playing musical babies with various in-laws (Phil was with Caide). I am eagerly awaiting the professional photos.

Our Lunch/Bribe Box ended up out of reach so we had nothing to feed them to keep them quiet. But other than a few “GAAAHHH!”s from Linden and a quite audible “want go home now Daddy” from Caide, they kept quiet enough. Everyone seemed to think they were adorable rather than annoying, which was lucky.


The In-Between Bit

(I’m sure the part of the wedding between the ceremony and meal has a name but I am too tired to remember what it is).

The part where I realised that having 2 cute babies in tow meant everyone was going to talk to me. Within half an hour I wished I’d had a sign on the pram saying “yes they’re twins, no they’re not identical, 9 months old, also have a 2 year old, yes I have my hands full”.

Also the part where I remembered that wedding photos are a thing and we were going to have to be in a few. Which was right after we found somewhere to sit down and feed the twins (who we had finally accepted were never going to nap with all the commotion). So bibs straight back off, run back outside with some confused babies, try to remember which family member had Caide last, herd him to the general vicinity of the photographer and cross everything that no one cries.

The Meal

OMFG I’m sure it lasted forever. Mostly because we were dealing with 2 overtired babies and a 2 year old who was “done sitting now!” and needed the potty every 32 seconds.

We were sat next to our friends who had just had a baby so at least we got some adult conversation in between taking Caide to the potty and picking sippy cups up off the floor.

About half way through the main I stuck the babies back in the pram and rocked it with my foot while shovelling my food in. They slept and I got my dessert in peace. Yay!

By now it was almost 8pm and past their bedtime so they were getting crabby. We stayed for the cake cutting and first dance then scarpered back to the hotel to get them settled.

They did Strip the Willow (Ceilidh dance) for their first dance and I really wanted to join in but the kids were being too crabby. I love a good Ceilidh.

Back at the Hotel

Got kids into their PJs, fed the twins their bedtime milk, then into bed. My humming eventually sent them all to sleep, including Phil, while I resisted every urge in my body to lie down and go to sleep myself.

I prodded Phil awake, he fetched his parents and we went back to the wedding, sleepy but determined.

It was 10:30pm.

The Reception

In the words of one of the wedding guests “as soon as you got rid of those kids you two just tore up that dancefloor.”

Damn right.

We had a whole day of partying to fit into 2 hours.

So we drank and we danced. We pretended we were 19 again and didn’t have kids.

The bus arrived to take us all back to our hotels way too soon.

Overall, a fantastic day.

I think the fact that this is the only photo we took all day is a testament to how full our hands were though.

I can’t wait for the professional photos! Can’t believe we never got a pic of Caide in his kilt!

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