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Accidental Mindfulness

I’ve been thinking about trying mindfulness exercises to help with my anxiety. I think I already do it.

I do this thing I call a micro-nap (when the kids let me). I get comfy, close my eyes, relax all my muscles and try to think about nothing. Preferably under a blanket.

Even 5 uninterrupted minutes in this state can rejuvenate me. 20mins is optimal. Perhaps coincidentally it’s also the optimal nap length.

I started doing it when pregnant with the twins and literally couldn’t stay awake for a full day. Not ideal when I had a toddler who doesn’t nap to look after. It would get me to the end of the day. Or at least until Phil got home.

So I’m thinking there might be something to this mindfulness thing and maybe it’s not just the latest wishy-washy fad.

We’ll see.


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